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The activities of the Borgo del Carato

Borgo del Carato allows its guests to personalize their holiday, providing a series of different activities. From horse riding to moments of pure relaxation in our wellness area. Everything to make your stay perfect!

On horseback around the countryside

The Borgo del Carato has horses and donkeys that allow long walks within the 90 hectares of private park at the gates of the large reserve of Pantalica. Lelia, manager of the stables, will help you better enjoy your relationship with the horse and the surrounding nature. Guests can also bring their horses which will live in our padocks or boxes.

The pool of the Borgo

The salt water pool of almost 200 square meters does not use chemicals for its maintenance. Salt water provides many benefits for our health because it does not irritate or redden the eyes, improves blood circulation, decreases skin dryness, prevents the formation of wrinkles, invigorates body tissues, eliminates skin toxins, calms rheumatic pains and muscles, improves breathing capacity. The water is lighter and makes movement easier.

Chapel Private

There is also a very suggestive private chapel with a certain historical value; the same was recovered with a careful conservative restoration with techniques inspired by the principles of bio-architecture, to preserve the original flavor; lime plasters and walls in exposed limestone, paving in stone typical of the Baroque, the altar entirely in stone covered with ceramics from Caltagirone from the end of the 18th century.

Borgo del Carato

Sicily of a time

Characterized by the simplicity of Sicily of the past, the Borgo is designed and imagined for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and outdoor activities.

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A Natural Farmhouse, immersed in a private park of 90 hectares, characterized by the simplicity of Sicily of the past. All designed and imagined for a holiday of relaxation and outdoor activities.


SS 124 Km. 97, 96010 Palazzolo Acreide, Syracuse



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